Playful Acts of Rebellion

What makes something worth standing up for? Can I change the world from my living room? What if I’m protesting, my costume rips and a picture of me naked goes viral?

 “****Artfully blending mixed media, audience interaction and physical theatre into an unadulterated treat”(Broadway Baby- read full review here)

Inspired by courageous protesters who risk everything for what they believe in, four women decide to take action. These women resolve to stop their ineffectual moaning and complaining and to find playful ways to stand up for what they believe in. Playful Acts of Rebellion questions what makes something worth the fight, what effect can an individual have? and how does trying to change the world end up changing us?

Charting the performers journeys, from unusual concepts to moments of desperation, despair and human triumph, Playful Acts of Rebellion uses exciting visual storytelling to tell four uplifting stories about what it is that makes us act. The show animates honest attempts to fight against injustices and explores how protest, although difficult can also be joyous.

“Told with a sense of fun and adventure that challenges apathy and hopelessness”(Left Lion Magazine)

Please email to book.

Small Light Leics 148

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