“I absolutely loved the show last night. It was most enjoyable and great to hear all the stories put across in such a fun way. I certainly had a tear in my eye at times too. I must admit, when we first met and you listened to my ‘stories’, I was wondering how on earth were you going to pull it off. After last night…. you did an amazing job!!! I will look forward to the next event. Thank you” (Audience member)

“It was great fun and a really original way of dealing with all the memories. There were lots of highlights but I remember especially the very poignant memory in the old age section, the way you all acted out the memories in the adolescent section and when you all three became things like the explosion in the factory” (Audience member)

“It was such a great experience to watch the fabulous performance whilst also snatching glimpses of the faces on audience members who were nervously anticipating the telling of their story. Followed by the immense pride when those important stories were shared with such beauty and empathy” (Jayne Williams- local artist)

I really enjoyed memories made in Mansfield, it was really interesting and funny at the same time- lots and lots of emotions! It’s a good show when you want to laugh and then in the next breath cry!! Well done a REALLY BEAUTIFUL EXPEREINCE!!! A GOOD MEMORY!! (Gallery assistant Lorraine)

Thanks to Hannah, Ria, Tim and Rebecca for my first creative experience in Mansfield. A memory I will treasure always. I sincerely hope it’s the first of many (Katrina- design volunteer)

I laughed and cried and felt all of the emotions of the wonderful people who ‘donated’ their memories mixed with a huge feeling of pride and delight from myself (Judy Stone)

Thursday. What a great idea for the museum to host. It was a wonderful piece of theatre, full of excitement, involvement by the audience, pathos and humour. The actors carried everyone from one memory or event to the next seamlessly and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the evening well done! (Audience member)

I liked the point it made- everyone’s memories- all of them potentially are of value. (A.Wade- audience member)

We really enjoyed moving around the museum and the way you animated objects into stories. We will come to the museum again to see more and would like to see more from the theatre company (Bex and Amber- audience)

The group were able to capture the imagination of the audience without making them feel embarrassed and uncomfortable by asking for individual memories. A great night- one to remember for the MEMORY BOX. (Audience member)

Had an amazing time sharing performance space with @The_Gramophones this week! I’ve learnt, laughed and experimented (George Mugglestone- performer in the youth theatre show)