Ryan gave us a lift from Loadys (where we dropped our bikes off) to Penzance Station.

Ade took this photo in Roche after he’d given each of us a lift before he gave us a lift in his Classic Rover to Bodmin.

While we were waiting for Ade to get his Classic Rover we spotted Brian who was working on this sit on lawn mower, so of course we asked him if we could have a go.

These lovely boys let us ride their scooters a little way down a road in Liskeard.

Richard gave took us from Liskeard to the motorway and gave us a discounted rate. We then used the pizza box seen in this photo as a hitch-hiking sign.

Graham picked us up with his partner Nina and their daughter Amber, they gave us a lift from the motorway to Torpoint (We spelt it wrong on our sign but still made it there).

Toni took us from a pub in Plymouth to Ria’s friend Aurelay’s house. He only charged us £2.

We met Orest in a hostel in Bristol and he told us about how he was trying to find work there.

This is Ria scribbling in chalk on the pavement in Bristol.

We met Mithi and Drew in  Bristol after they offered to let us ride their tandem bicycle Bramble.

We met Justin (with the tea pot) in Edinburgh last year and he and his lovely friends offered to put us up if we popped over to Newport. It was brilliant.

We met Nick and Niaomi at Go Ape in the Forest of Dean and after our fun afternoon swinging through the trees, they gave us a lift to a place where we could hitch from.

Our evening on a canal boat with friends.

Hannah riding in a Spitfire with Hal in Newcastle.

Our lift in a London double-decker in Edinburgh.

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