Day Two: St Agnes to Plymouth

What makes somebody give up their time to help people in need?

As a company we feel blessed for the relationships we’ve made and the opportunites we’ve been given. Today has been no exception. We’re currently sitting in Ria’s friend Auralay’s living room in Plymouth with chocolate ice cream and wine – what a lovely way to finish day two!

Today we’ve travelled from:

St Agnes-Truro

Truro-St Austel

St Austel- Roche


Bodmin-Bodmin Parkway

Bodmin Parkway-Liskeard



This journey has already proven to be full of firsts, chance encounters, fascinating stories and incredible kindness.

What are the chances of one guy giving us access to three different forms of transport whilst still helping us to move forwards?

What are the chances of us arriving in a town to find three boys riding towards us on scooters. Three boys, three scooters, three girls: easy maths!

What are the chances of the woman with the boys hearing us on the radio yesterday?

What are the chances of a young family picking us up on the side of the road? Our cold thumbs, incorrectly spelt sign written on the back of a pizza hut box, and pleading smiles were obviously too much to resist..

One thing that we’re learning is that if something doesn’t happen then something else will!

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