Day Ten: Nottingham to York

Kristy’s Perspective

I don’t think I can describe the feeling of flying in a way that will do it justice..

I was nervous. I was having to put my trust in someone. I was having to put my trust in a vehicle with an engine and a propeller right behind my head, and that made me feel a little uneasy. I kept my feelings hidden to the best of my ability;  I didn’t want my pilot, Richard, to know that I was nervous. In a sense I handed him my life for 20 minutes. It was his responsibility to fly us between Caunton and Netherthorpe and to get us back down to earth safely.

As soon as we took off my fears disappeared. Every negative feeling was replaced with awe and astonishment. The world’s a beautiful place. You can really appreciate the beauty that surrounds you when you have a bit of distance from it. Sitting in the back of the microlight gives you the perfect opportunity to take in the wonder of the place we call home. Most people don’t get the chance to distance themselves from the land they call home whilst still being a part of  it. Most people when they soar into the sky  are sat in a metal tube watching the progress of the journey on the little map on the screen in front of them.

Today I left the land in which I normally reside and had the privilege of seeing it from a height of 1300ft. It was enough distance and enough height to feel close to it and far away at the same time, and being able to appreciate the vastness of the place we call home.

We are so small in the grand scheme of things, insignificant some may say.. but every person has the power to make change. We’re changing the course of things all the time. By little movements, little steps, we can make a big difference to somebody’s life. Richard changed the way I look at the world. I wonder if he realises how much I appreciate this.

The beauty of the world can be seen in the 3 shadows I saw whilst looking down. Shadows moving side by side. Close enough to be together

yet far enough a part to be individuals.

What do you see when you look down? The path beneath? Rubbish? Chewing gum that’s being trodden into the earth? A discarded penny? Stories? The world? I spent 20 minutes of today looking at the world with distance and new eyes. Not the eyes I use every day, but with eyes that can take in the colour, the light and the shadows of what’s all around  and wanting to be looked at.

I sat looking out of the window of the National Express coach from Sheffield to York. The sun was shining, the colours were vivid and I can’t help but look up. Watching the birds soar, seeing shapes in the clouds, being amazed at how yellow the fields were, and I realised that no one else will see what I see. Even Ria who is sat next to me will see something different, but that’s what’s beautiful about world and about life. I’m so thankful for my eyes, for being able to see the little details that make the world such an interesting place.

Ria’s Perspective

We arrived in Caunton at 09:30, Kristy’s Mum, Dad and dog Molly picked us up in their campervan and took us to the airfield.

I was extremely excited when I saw the flying machine. I  had absolutely no idea what a microlight looked like nor had I thought very much about the science of flight. I saw the wings stretching out of the hanger. I find the science of the whole affair mind boggling, being able to take off and fly through the air in such a small vessel.

My  pilot was Ian Bracegirdle, he explained that you have to take into account wind speed when flying, today was just right to go soaring through the clouds, he showed me the route on the air field map. I put on my flying suit, ear guards, mic, and gloves and sat in the back of the microlight, it was a really small and strange looking machine.

Kristy took off first, then Hannah, next it was our turn, I had to be careful not to scream or make noises which were really high pitched as Ian and I were connected with ear pieces and mics. Ian got us to the start of the runway and drove down picking up speed, and off we went climbing through the skies, in no time at all we were 1500ft above the earth. I was watching the earth get smaller, the patchwork fields and tiny houses became less real the higher we flew.

The world looks different from the air, it somehow seems less important, its more important to look ahead, to see the clouds, look at where you are going.

Ian said ‘Can you see the others?’

I looked around, I looked to the left, no one. I looked to the right, just blue sky and cloud. I looked below, I could see a bird but no Hannah or Kristy, I couldn’t see them anywhere. There were so many dimensions to check. Being above the earth gives you a new perspective, a space to think about things differently. It’s a space for day dreaming.

I watched a farmer ploughing his field and observed how neatly the soil was settled, it looked like velvet, when you stroke it in different directions and the shade changes.

I spotted the other two and thought how funny the machines looked, a triangle with wings transporting Kristy through the skies. It felt totally surreal waving Kristy across the skies.

I wanted to fly for hours, it seemed like we were in Netherthorpe airspace in no time at all, Ian brought us back down to earth smoothly. I’ve really appreciated having the opportunity to try this mode of transport and to be able to see the beauty of earth from above. I’d liked to try flying one myself, to be able to go wherever I want through the clouds and to have complete freedom and control.

Distance Travelled: 87 Miles

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