Day Seven: Gloucester to Birmingham

I awoke feeling really alive and ready for the challenge of the day. We stayed the night in a B&B in Gloucester and didn’t have a plan in place for the onward journey. I was first down for breakfast and I started chatting to a man called David. I told him about our project and asked him if he had a tractor. “A tractor?” he enquired with a smile, “yes as a matter of fact i’ve got 26, in fact I’ve got a pink tractor do your job lovely”.  And it was on. We gobbled down our bacon and eggs, grabbed our kit and set off in David’s Land Cruiser accompanied by his best friend Zack. We arrived at his land and boarded said tractor, we travelled along the road about 8 miles to Ross on Wye. Here we waved David goodbye and made a sign saying Hereford.

Before long Simon came along in a Vauxhall Astra-eco and took us into the city. Simon very casually told us about his diving experiences and how he had been in a cage next to a great white shark that luckily wasn’t very hungry. We understood why Simon had picked us up, he was a fellow adventurer.

From Hereford we travelled to an odd part of the A49 thanks to Steve and his soon to be classic peugeot 205. We stood on the wrong road in the rain with cars zooming past for a little while.

Eventually we found a different road made a new makeshift sign out of cardboard and eye pencil and were rescued by James in a Peugeot 307 SW. James was out walking his dog, well trying to walk his dog. He took us to Tenbury Wells petrol station where we refuelled with hot chocolate. We then shivered back out onto the pavement with our eye pencil make shift sign. We were not standing in the cold for long before Toby picked us up. Toby drove yet another Peugeot, a 206 new model. Peugeot drivers seem to have a kind streak.

We’ve had a wet day of chance encounters and coincidences. I’m really enjoying the randomness and ad hoc nature of this journey and I am excited to see what delights await us tomorrow in the city of Birmingham.


Distance travelled: 55 miles

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