Day Nine: Langley Mill to Nottingham

I awoke on the water with the sun peeking through the curtains and it filled me with excitement for the day ahead. My mind quickly turned to the thought of food and I wondered where was Phil Coggins? I shuffled along in my sleeping bag to the ‘dining room’ of the boat. I donned my Back to the Future T-Shirt and eagerly awaited the arrival of THE DELOREANS. I spotted Phil across the KFC Carpark and it was lovely to see him, he had a great big smile on his face and two brimming bags of food. We shovelled down some pastries and slurped our coffees before something wonderful happened.

Before reading the rest open this link in a new tab: Play

I never thought i’d see three Deloreans lined up, doors open in the car park of KFC in Langley Mill. We did some comedy back to the future poses with the Deloreans and put our backpacks into the bonnets. My Dad had come to see us off so took some pics on his snazzy camera. It was an incredible feeling being a passenger in a Delorean, hearing stories of its journey and clocking people’s reactions to not one, but three Deloreans on the A610 to Nottingham. I encouraged Richard to drive to 88 miles per hour to see if we could go Back to the Future but he said no because we didn’t have the flux capacitor and we’d be breaking the speed limit. We drove up in style to Lakeside Arts to show off our dream mobiles. I was buzzing with electricity from the clocktower, I mean from the journey. A dream come true.

Kristy, Ria and Hannah

Distance travelled: 10 miles

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