Day One: Land’s End to St Agnes

Before it was possible to begin our journey we had to find a way to actually get to Lands End. Our day began in Truro with a ‘morning rush’ which rather than being a state of mind is the name of a delicious breakfast. We then excitedly made our way to the BBC Cornwall building where we made a plea to get a lift down to Lands End and the start of our journey. We awaited the hoardes of callers…. we waited… we missed our taxi… we missed our train… no one phones in. No one. It was ok we were out the door and ready to hitch a lift to Penzance where Peter was waiting for us with our first mode of transport, 3 bikes! We later named them Colin, Doug and Cecil. luckily we were picked up immediately by the lovely Heather in her bright red beetle. Me and Kristy hadn’t hitch hiked before so this seemed like a wonderful act of kindness. Heather used to hitch hike and so she says she often picks people up unless they look like mass murderers ofcourse. Peter was patiently waiting for us with Doug, Cecil and Colin to take us down to the southern most point of England and the start of our journey.

And we’re off! We’re on the right path, no we’re not on the right path, we’re cycling down a footpath. We’re navigating past boulders and rocks and skidding into streams. We’re trying to avoid cycling off the edge. After passing several frowning faces we decided to contact Peter who confirmed our prognosis that we were in fact not on the national cycle route but on a public hiking path. After two wrong turns, one of which took us to a beautiful cove, but unfortunately down a massive hill that we needed to get back up. The second into a not so beautiful car park. It had taken us 4 hours, and several panicked phone calls and texts to Peter but we finally made it to Penzance.

We finally made it to Loadys and were greeted by Ryan, a typical Cornish surfer dude and his friendly dog. He very kindly said we could jump in his van to get to the station. Mode of transport number two! Ria lay in the back amongst his wet kite surfing equipment which he suggested we have a go at if we had chance. We got to the station to get the tickets only to find the train was delayed. We were heading to Camborne because we had a horse and carriage organised there. We got in touch with David, the horse and carriage man but unfortunately the horses had been stading outside waiting for us and couldn’t stand around any longer. We had to form a plan. We looked into trains and buses, thought about hitch hiking and were just about to give up hope when Ria appeared with a big smile on her face.  She had found a solution. The BBC had called earlier and left a message saying a lady had rung the station wanting to help us. Her name was Mary and she was coming to Penzance station to take us to St Agnes. Things were on the up.

Distance travelled: 40 miles

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