“Wanderlust is a lovely piece of theatre that has memory, love and above all life as it’s subject matter” 4*’s

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“A heart warming, quirky production that is truly refreshing” 4.5*’s

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“This show will bring a smile to your lips, a tear to your eye and leave you pondering what life stories you may have to tell” (Arts Beat)

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“This is all told with imagination, inventiveness, energy, emotion and sensitivity; making for an excellent evening at the theatre” 4*’s (The Good review)

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Audience comments

“Don’t miss Wanderlust. A search for happiness & fulfillment by looking for real things in life. Excellent music”

“Lovely funny and original storytelling with lots of great songs!”

“Just saw Wanderlust, wonderful uplifting piece of theatre! Music, sound effects & dialogue absolutely stunning”

“A truly heartfelt piece with surprising characters, emotive music and witty lyrics. A great show to see for unexpected inspiration”

“What a lovely show. Silly and serious but always perfectly executed .Set/props/music/singing/acting all used really well to tell the story”

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