Wanderlust is a story about stories, of ordinary and extraordinary tales and the journey, made by three women, to collect them. Armed each with a Dictaphone and a pair of wellies, Kristy, Hannah and Ria began a search to satisfy their lust for adventure. Setting off into rural Britain they each hoped to bring back the most exciting tale. What they found instead was something better


Creative Arts East commissioned Wanderlust to be made specifically for rural audiences and as part of the research and development we went out into these communities to collect stories for the show. But to understand the show fully we have to go further back…

In 2012, we traveled from Lands End to John O’Groats with only one pound per mile for travel and the challenge of using as many forms of transport as we possibly could. We did it in 18 days and our adventure was inspiring and overwhelming, and the people we encountered and places we fell in love with formed the basis of our show End to End. During our journey we gave people postcards and asked them if they might write to us telling us about an important journey from their own lives. Later when we toured the show we did the same with our audiences. We were unexpectedly inundated with postcards from people who had really connected with our journey. We wanted to explore the shared notion of why we travel and what it is that makes journeys integral to peoples lives, so with the help of Creative Arts East and Village Ventures we went out and collected even more stories for Wanderlust via a story exchange. We travelled out to the middle of nowhere aboard mobile libraries, in static libraries and residential homes and collected incredible stories from incredible people.

The show was developed at The BikeShed Theatre, Create and Curve Theatre and we worked alongside musician Darren Clark, projection artist Barret Hodgson and designer Dorrie Scott. Wanderlust captures the magic of unexpected connections made when traveling, and how journeys big or small are what help us to connect to the world around us. We investigate how seemingly small moments can shape our outlook and how we don’t all have to be recognised heroes to have made heroic journeys.

“This show will bring a smile to your lips, a tear to your eye and leave you pondering what life stories you may have to tell” (Arts Beat)


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