Anything to Declare?

HATCH:Nottingham commissioned Anything to Declare for their Hatch: Abroad event in 2009. It is available for booking, it’s also perfect for festivals and includes a walk about element.

“*****Genuinely witty, clever and yet delightfully silly” (

Foolish flight attendants explore the trials and tribulations of going on holiday in this quirky treat for the eyes. They unravel everything from the horrors of the airport check-in to the dizziness of the holiday romance.

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Anything to Declare is a fun, playful show, guaranteed to bring audiences together in shared hilarity. It is made up of comical vignettes reflecting upon the holiday experience, as well as opportunities for interaction. It invites the audience to share in the adventure with three eccentric yet recognisable characters. Upon arrival the audience experience various unusual check-in procedures carried out by three silly stewardesses. They then embark on their journey with their travel companions; a romantic looking for love in the most unlikely places, a survival expert facing her greatest challenge yet and a harassed mother pushed to the edge of her patience. They all hope to find holiday happiness, as the audience watch their stories unfold in unpredictable and delightfully funny ways.

In the telling of these three women’s stories the show explores the reasons why we go on holiday, and why we sometimes return in need of another break! The show invites audience members to play within the world of the characters through clever interactions and keeps them on their toes with charming surprises. This light-hearted, playful show leaves audiences feeling like they’ve been on holiday and returns them to their day to day lives, ready for their next adventure.

“Anything To Declare? mixes clever linguistic humour with physical theatre and mime” (Nottingham Evening Post

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