Girls and Grannies

#Girls and your #Grannies (with help from Mums, Dads, Carers or any other members of the family) we need you! We are putting together an exciting online creative project for you to do together creating your own #superhero characters and completing secret missions! A great way to keep connected!

If you want to sign up to hear more about the project please email us or call or text Artistic Director Hannah on 07929168436 #theatre #drama #stories #super #aerial #create

Whats it all about?

We’ll be sending out fun creative missions/tasks for girls and grannies to complete (for example creating super hero characters/warm ups/costumes etc) and there will be a super hero pack for the first 10 girls and grannies that sign up.

What do we need?

We are ideally looking for people that are happy to make videos and take photos of what they do so we could make it into a little documentary that celebrates girls and their grannies. (but this isn’t essential). You won’t need anything other than what you’ve got at home.

This project is suitable for anyone who identifies as a Girl or Granny or is in a Granny-like role!

Any video will be captioned and audio described.