We are experienced workshop leaders and have delivered workshops on a variety of different subjects. Some examples of workshops we have delivered previously are detailed below. If you are interested in booking any of the workshops or would like us to design a workshop for your school of community group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Workshops available:

Where the Wild Things Are (key stage one): This storytelling workshop transports the participants inside the story of Where the Wild Things are. The children use their imaginations to invent and create the world within the story. They pack their bags with supplies for their adventures, they travel across the seas in boats they make together,  they adventure through magical lands, they become wild things and they travel home again just in time for their supper.

Harold and the Purple pencil (Key stage one): The participants tell the story as it unfolds following Harold on his journey as his drawings come to life. They make their own boats, balloons that become puppets and even invent their own dreams.

The magical mind of Mr Roald Dahl (Key stage two): This workshop looks at the different element that make up a Roald Dahl Story. They create their own grotesque Roald Dahl characters, invent magical objects and explore Roald Dahls invented language. They put together stories of their own using these elements.

We can also design the workshops around a specific Roald Dahl story that the group have been studying.

Comedy/Clowning workshops (Age 8 upwards): This fun playful workshop can be designed to fit any age group. Using playful exercises the groups discover what is funny and how they can enjoy laughing at themselves.

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