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Life in Lockdown with a baby

Adjusting to life in the lock down has been challenging for everyone. I’ve got a 9 month old daughter and on hearing the news that we were no longer allowed to go out to any of our regular classes, playdates and cafes my heart sank. I’m a very extroverted person and I’ve managed to keep me and Una really busy for 9 months filling the weeks with every free session I could find, as well as some baby yoga, swimming, storytelling, singing, sensory play anything going basically. I’d even started my own Flying Mamma’s class- I also run Circus Hub an aerial circus studio in Nottingham’s creative quarter- yes it is a shameless plug but hell I’m a busy working mamma, two birds one stone.

The point is, I like to be busy and I enjoy being with people. It really hit home to me when I heard an elderly person say ‘we were asked to go and fight for our country, this generation is being asked to sit on the sofa’. You’re right I thought, I’ve got to just get on with it- stay at home, make routine and structure without leaving the house. Routine is something I’ve always struggled with. I’ve got to change my internal discourse and fast. It’s actually great that Una is 9 months and not 9 years old, this whole change is just passing her by. She is oblivious to all of it.

I realised I need to focus on the positive, I’m in all the time so we’ve managed to get a great routine going, which is making me, Una and my husband much happier and a heck of a lot less sleep deprived.

We’ve done some crafting and baking, we made a handprint birthday card for Granny and we made her a Biscoff cheese cake for her birthday- we didn’t go into her house just saw her 2 meters apart on her doorstep. It’s the small things though isn’t it? She was so happy to be able to see her Granddaughter on her birthday; something that in normal circumstances we take for granted.

I’m really thankful that we’ve got a garden and have had lovely sunny weather so have been having lots of time to appreciate the blossom tree and play with toys outside on the grass. Una is really loving looking at all the new buds springing into life. Having this down time has also given our natural world the chance to heal a little. I’m loving hearing about rivers beaming with life, dolphins coming back into water they haven’t been able to swim in for years and less pollution from aeroplanes. I spoke to a friend one evening who lives in London and all I could hear was birds singing in her garden, makes a change from the sound of aeroplanes she said. Things like that are making me feel happy and hopeful amidst all this uncertainty.

Like the rest of the world I’ve managed to keep doing some work though using zoom. I heard that the shares in Zoom had made someone over 4 billion dollars since the start of the lockdown- bonkers! It’s been good to be able to keep seeing people, checking in with friends and colleagues adding some structure.

I’m so astounded by all the amazing work our NHS staff are doing, the carers, the delivery drivers, the shop workers, the factory workers all of them putting themselves at risk and working non-stop. They are the true hero’s of our time.

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